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Maxillofacial trauma surgery

Dr Alberto Wintergerst Fisch

Maxillofacial trauma surgery

The maxillofacial surgeon is the expert responsible for repairing injuries in the facial region, which includes fractures of the maxilla, the jaw, orbits, as well as facial lacerations. Knowledge of dental occlusion (bite) is essential for the treatment of facial fractures. If you or a loved one experience a facial or oral injury that requires treatment, be sure to request a consultation with us. We are the most qualified specialists to treat this type of injury.

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In trauma situations resulting in facial bone fractures, it is crucial to restore the shape and position of the affected bones. To achieve this, we use titanium plates and screws, recognized as some of the best products available on the world market. We work with renowned brands such as Sintes and Medicom, who offer a wide variety of materials to effectively address all types of fractures that commonly occur on the face. Our objective is to ensure a precise and lasting reconstruction, prioritizing the functionality and aesthetics of our patients.

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